Saturday, March 8, 2008

Transformation of the Butterfly


Spiritual Transformation

Butterfly: The Mysteries of Transformation
[a short video presented by Humanity Healing Foundation]


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*If you landed on my site looking for more detailed information about the phases of a butterfly, check out these links:

The Glorious Butterfly

[site includes information on raising monarch butterflies, videos of butterfly metamorphosis, christian perspective of transformation process, stories and images of butterflies, lesson plans for kindergarten and pre-schoolers]
Butterfly emerging from the chrysalis
[site includes slide show of complete metamorphosis of the butterfly]
Picturing God Through His Creation
[blog includes images of the metamorphosis of a butterfly; offers a Christian perspective on transformation]
The Butterfly Site
[#1 site for the most complete and current Butterfly information; includes biology, pictures, links and more]
The Children's Butterfly Site[site includes information, photos of life cycle of butterflies; links to Butterfly and Moth resources on the web; translations available in Français, Deutsch, Español,Italiano, Nederlands]
Butterfly Sites on the Web
[this site includes a list of resources on the web with full description of websites]


Roshel said...

i love the the concept,its exactly what i was thinkin,n why i love butterflies so much...only difference is i was think =in of the new body we acquire at the coming of Christ,the glorious body!We were the catapillar then wen we got saved and gave our lives o Christ we became the pupa,(our outter nature is wasting away day by day,but our inner selves are being renewed) then finally wen Christ comes to call us,we transform,like the pup,becomes a beautiful butterfly,its amazing!

Anonymous said...

The information is so true & straight forward, people have to be blind not to see that choice for change is key to success. We can't continue in our ways & expect things to be different. The law of physics is even clear on that point, to get different results there has to be a change in the activity.Though it means struggle for a time, it also means life of flight & purpose like we can only know when we go through the change.

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